Technical Adaptation

Change is inevitable. I remember back in 70s, there was a radio institute near our place (where I also learned electronics for 3 months) which taught about valves. When I told the owner that Valves (aka electron tubes) are going to be a thing in past due to transistor inventions, he laughed and said transistors can never make it to Television, will only be usable as a portable device! Today even transistors are replaced by ICs, ASICs and VLSI circuits. I see many posts on how smart phones, Tablets i-pads are all evil to the society. This is the same argument placed during the 80s when TVs were introduced in India. Many houses banned TVs for kids. This is a normal trend. Many old generations find difficult to cope with the changes and mostly equate that to lack of technology in their time. This culminates to propagate current trend as evil. My dad is a different genre! He wanted new technology. He learned and adapted to the new life-style. He has been exposed to many changes in his life, starting from introduction of Electricity to portable Stereo sets to TVs to Computers to mobile phones. He kept in touch with modern technological advancement and always was the first to buy the product and use it. Even at the age of 70, he was the fore-runner to showcase his technological knowledge and flaunt his new Gadgets to his family and friends both here and abroad. Irony is he was not a Technical person. Coming in from an Accountancy career, how he got obsessed with technology surprises me. He went out of the way to learn new things and never shied to ask even his grand-sons or grand daughter to teach him. His adaption to changes also brushed-off with his wife, and today my mom sports computer and tablets and mobile phones and for her age is way too technical to comprehend!

In the photo my dad and mom – the Technical adapters

Posted on Aug 04, 2016 12:10pm

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