My mom

40 years ago, we had a book shop in Bangalore Cantonment Railway Station. Those were the times many Anglo-Indians were employed in Railways. Though we were able to pull our life together with the income from the shop and my dad working part-time in 2 different companies, my mom always welcomed people into our home and fed them very well. Many anglo-Indians – Richard, Terry, to name a few, came to our house almost daily to have lunch at our place. The entire Station Porters got new dresses for Deepavali and there was no station staff who wouldn’t talk about our family and how we never said no to anyone who came to our house – which was in itself a small two bedroom house. For us caste was a word we never heard off – even though we came from an elite caste. In fact my Grand-dad refused to come to our house because we had too many non-brahmins in the house.
Many of our relatives sent their children to our place for the summer. I have seen my mom working tirelessly and feeding every one of them and when they left, they always had new set of clothes and gifts for their parents.
Today we are well-off. I am giving what I have & what I can to the needy. But I can never be like my mom, who just gave away all the things and many times borrowed money to feed others.
Mom – No matter what – I always will love you and try to follow your principles. You must live longer to give to others and be an icon in the family.
Happy mothers day mom!

Posted on May 08, 2016 11:56am

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