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A good weekend project is building a soapbox computer. Gave me the thrills when I completed a computer on a soap box (actually it is the cardboard box of the soap) running UBUNTU Mate, on a Raspberry Pi 3 in less than 8 hours. Prototype is with me and anybody who wants the construction details send me a message.
With all politicians announcing free wifi across Tamil Nadu (Nobody knows how it can be done and I from Aussie NBN experience can guarantee this will never work outside city limit. Australia for last 7 years could not complete even 10% of the project. But that is a different story!) only thing thing pending is computer for every house-hold. Why not provide this as election manifesto. I can provide the know-how to construct a computer under Rs 7000.00 with full blown linux, 64GB SDMem disk and even a Regional Word processor – compliments of Kamban Software! Anybody willing to market? Technical know-how and breakdown of cost provided – totally free, as long as it benefits the poor and the farmers!
Posted on Apr 16, 2016 5:53pm
Way back in 80’s you have to learn about computing yourself. No academy was ready to teach in India. I learned the hard way through whatever available books, magazines and Libraries to help me work through Sinclair 6502 processor and Zenith’s z80 processor. Back then you do programming in Assembly and must know a great deal about hardware, processor, clock signals, Pulse Code/width modulation, registers, DMAs and many more.
After over 30 years later, I am re-living all that, thanks to the introduction of Raspberry Pi in my life and IoT.
Only the other day I was wondering, how the hands-on experience I had those days is helpful and my optimistic glimpse into future of Internet of Things to come for another electronic revolution. Now here comes the article, that really boosts my views:
Just goes to show your knowledge and experience gained will never end nor goes astray.
Posted on Jul 07, 2016 11:45am

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