Computer Philosophy

Be an Engineer or Artist or Designer or Accountant or Programmer, you start your career with either Computer as a tool or Computer as part of profession. You are a bit reluctant to use it initially, resorting to traditional method, but soon learn the benefits of it. For a programmer, this is his / her work (hence the workstation?) He / she gets the satisfaction of solving logics, an artist the benefit of making endless corrections before finalising, for a Designer to try out multiple deviations according to his /her fancies, Accountant a quicker tool to crunch numbers and for an Engineer create numerous simulations and virtual models with various parameter. Not before long, you get sucked into the enormous labyrinth of gizmos, your profession becomes your main priority. Somewhere along the line, you miss your family, you become alienated and your family see you slowly fading away.
You know this is only temporary and things will change once you had enough savings and get away from this melee. When you are ready and come back to the family finally with enough savings and pledging yourself you will spend all the time in the world with your family, you suddenly see an empty house. Little do you realise that, not withstanding for you to show up, they have already gone, pursuing the same vicious life cycle you had been on.
A while later, you realise you are now alone. Look around. All the chores in the house, which you had postponed for this date has been completed, TV no more provides the entertainment you always loved, as soon you realise the monotonous repetitions to such an extent, you almost always know the next scene or dialogue of ending. The empty house makes you feel isolated. You suddenly feel a sense of lonliness and all your efforts to this day has gone astray. And then, on a corner of the desk you see your old computer beckoning. With myriad of tools – to communicate and keep in touch with people around the world, to learn and improve your knowledge, not that it will be useful, to provide the exercise to your brain with puzzles and riddles, to vet your frustrations and feelings on social sites and have your own followers! It is an addiction. An enigma – the more you get away, the more you want. Your own ego needs feeding, a stimuli. This computer is probably your alter ego that lived all your life and knows and understands you. It can take an abuse or entertain you in a way that you expect to be treated. You once again succumb to this!
Suddenly you go and hug the computer – Till death do us part!
Posted on Jan 31, 2016 3:27am

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