BSNL Network in India

We are the leading Government Owned Telecom services in India. We provide full coverage of services throughout India, but if you think you are not able to get through, kindly check your phone. We do not provide Mobile phones.
We provide 2G, 3G and 4G services. If you get anything past ‘E’ – edge mode, do let us know. There should be some issue. We are upgrading our services and you can expect 2G in 5 years time, 3G, and 4G are in the pipeline after 2G full implementation.
Government of India announced that Telecom company should not charge for “Dropped Call” services. With BSNL you will not have the issue. You will never get a call connected, let alone dropping the call!
You can always complain about our services. We are open 24×7 on the web and any time we feel like on the phone. We encourage people to use Web services to lodge a complaint. Because, we never go through web complaints.
To register Complaint in web, you must be a registered user. It is easy to register. Use your unique customer ID to register. It is on the top of the bill where it is marked Account no. If you find an empty space there, please have your eyes checked.
We are Government of India Service and comply with Government Regulations. If you want to register with Grievance cell, decode our website to get to the link and if you do find the link, let us know if it works. We are trying our best to ensure your browser states “This site can’t be reached, took too long to respond.” Sometimes due to freak nature of web, you may be able to get through. We are not responsible for that.
If you care to complaint through phone, as we already said, it is lot easier to reach us directly than through phone. Occasionally our customer support staff may have kept the phone on the cradle and you may get a ring through. We will ensure that this not happen again. All our customer support staff are advised to keep the phone off hook.
Why don’t you give us a visit? After all we are only anywhere between 20 to 500 kms away from your place. You can spend a day with us, or if you are travelling long distance, book a hotel nearby. One day, may be one day, we will listen to your complaint. Remember, we only listen to complaint. We will not under any circumstance promise you to rectify the service!
Posted on Mar 24, 2016 2:46pm

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