Process Oriented

“We need an ID card to give your passport”
“I don’t have an ID card”
“Then give us your ration card”
“I am not an Indian citizen. I don’t have a ration card”
“Show me your Aadhar card or PAN card”
“Again, I am an Australian citizen and I don’t have PAN card or Aadhar Card”
“Alright, give me your Indian License card”
“I don’t drive”
“Then give me your Australian License card”
“I don’t drive here or in Australia!!!”
“In that case what do you have with your photo?”
“I have OCI (Overseas Citizen of India) card”
The enquirer looks at the card and returns it back.
“No we cannot accept this. This is just a Visa”
“Well it has my photo and has my passport no.”
“Then show me your passport”
“That is what I came to collect from you. The passport is with you!!!”
“Do you have a copy of the passport?”
“No. I don’t. Why don’t you take a photocopy of the passport you have with you?”
“We can’t do that. You have to take the photocopy”
“OK then, come with me or send someone with the passport, I will photocopy it and give it back. Then you can give back my passport”
“I am sorry I can’t do that”
“Look you are being ridiculous. You have no right to hold my passport. Call your supervisor. I want to talk to her”
The Supervisor, a lady comes in. She looks at the situation and finally asks the enquirer to photocopy the passport, get the signature from client and give back the passport.
How ridiculous can the adhering-to-process be? This is an actual situation and conversation between my wife and American Consulate in Chennai, when she went to collect the passport after stamping a long term US visa. Is US that paranoid or they just like to stick to their process irrespective of the situation? Where is that so called common-sense?
Posted on Oct 20, 2015 12:54 am
3 years later November 17th 2018, my son went to Blue dart courier to collect his Australian passport. 
Same thing as above. The courier admin, does not want to handover the passport to my son since he did not have any proof of identity that represents his Indian stay. Of course he does not have since he is from Australia. It was a ‘Catch-22’ situation or circular reasoning with no solution.
Finally the supervisor came up with a solution. Do I have a ID of India? ‘Yes I do,’ I told him. So he asked my son to write a note requesting to handover the passport to me – a sort of authorisation letter for me to collect the passport on his behalf. Then I used my ID to collect the passport. Wow. Now what sort of security is that? At least with the original person collecting the passport, you can cross verify the photo in the passport with that of the owner. With a simple authorisation letter, anyone can go and collect someone else passport. A simple letter anyone can write!
Man I love the process! (Especially since all through my professional services I had always found a loophole to circumvent the process)

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