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Two days of travel with sleepless night, a time offset of 14 hours, one cm thickness of settled dust and cobwebs where-ever you walk at your residence, can give you enough nightmare for a life time. When I arrived on Monday around 4:00AM to my apartment from US, all I could think was hit the bed! The condition of the apartment is something no World Health Organisation Standard will approve. Two days I slept in the morning, woke up at night, prepared food amongst dust and ate them, before I hit the bed again. I was totally dis-oriented, mind not working at all and the Blood Pressure hitting the roof! (My BP monitor refused to give me a reading! Wow…that is a first)
By Wednesday my health was getting back to normal, I decided to clean the place. So working at night like a nocturnal mammal, I started cleaning, room by room. By now 80% of cleaning done. At least the apartment looks hospitable! Now I can transition the cleaning work to my Vacuum robot which does a good job of light vacuuming and mopping. (A review of that is provided elsewhere).
Today I’m acclimatized to Indian condition (US was -7 degrees while here it is +32 degrees), with jetlag almost gone. Back with Facebook and email. A lot of catching up to do.
As for BP, well at least the BP monitor gives me a reading – that is a start
Feb 19, 2016 5:16pm
Expect following things if you return to a locked home for over 6 months:
Empty fridge welcoming you at middle of the night, coming home tired and hungry (since the airlines did not carry veg food)
2.54 cm or One Inch if you prefer imperial system of dust laden on floors, bed, verandah and any place you walk. Man this could be a good nature’s carpet, if we have to stay indoors only!
Stale smell of air that has been trapped inside the house
Stale stench of water (in fact it was terrible) from hot water shower due to stagnant water in the heater. (Cold water was ok)
Dead cockroaches and spider webs – how soon these creature takes possession of a vacant house is phenomenal.
Dead batteries. You would be surprised. I had to change over a dozen of them – on all remote controls, clocks, hand phones (not mobile). Problem is I never knew how to turn on the TV without remote and I could not use land line as there were no old wired phone.
No channels on the TV working because Airtel cable box disables itself on prolonged non usage. Need to call helpdesk to fix it. Apparently you can get this done through SMS, only the phones were not charged!
My apple Computer refused to connect to internet unless upgrades to a size of 10 GB is downloaded and installed. Don’t know what my download limit is, looks like I will surpass my limit in the first 2 or 3 days.
Windows computer also complained about update, but I switched off for this month knowing very well that will be over 10 GB requirement as well.
Wonderful trip and painful return!
Posted on Oct 06, 2014 5:59pm

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