Miracle at our house

For the last few days both myself and Jayanthi are observing this. Originally we thought this is due to the left-overs of carpenters who were still working on the Pooja room for us, and did not bother.
Here is the thing – Check the photos provided. There are white powder at the bottom of the Photo. Jayanthi, my wife is not around for some time as she went to Ashram for Navarathri. Everyday I clean these photos and next day I see these white powder under them. This happens everyday. Trust me.

Before people jump to conclusion or being skeptic, here is the explanation for this.
We have a wood carving installed at the top of the photo. I observed carefully and found some micro pores smeared with wood powder. My guess is that there are termites (yikes…) or similar insect inside this wood which is digging its way through – or it could be the nature of the wood shedding white powder (is there one like that?)
Well mystery solved…How people can be easily made to believe on this simple things is mind boggling.
On the lighter side – I’m telling you, there are aliens in my house!
Posted on Oct 13, 2013 4:54pm

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