Likes and Dislikes in India

Over a month in India and my likes and dislikes:
Good place and environment (depends on where we live)
Higher FD interest then conventional 4.5% in Aus
Cheaper living at least 3 to 5 times cheaper than Australia
Cheap labour for any chores that needs to be done – including ironing, car washing, house cleaning, plumbing etc.,
Everything available at door step (again depends on where we live)
Lot of temples and more places to visit – would be a life time visiting all the places here.
Cheaper Indian Veges, flowers and fruits – considered luxury items in Australia
So many TV Channels both English and regional, at a price that is under $20 per month – is actually a steal
Mobile phones and land line phones lot cheaper than Australia
Comfortable living for under $1000 per month even you do not own a house – while in Sydney you might need $1500 + additional rent amount $2000 if you do not own a house.
Friendly neighbours (though they are over friendly as first thing they ask is where do you work, how much you earn and what did you pay for the apartment)
Highly religious minded and sentimental
People ready to help anytime.
Dusty, as soon as you step out of the campus
Noisy – with bus, trucks and cars blaring their horns on road
Hazardous road conditions
Chaotic traffic
Promises are never kept
Project completion Time are never met
Time is used to fill the sentence but generally do not have meaning
Please, excuse me, sorry, thanks – not available in vocabulary
Lot of patience required when dealing with any official work
Posted on Aug 07, 2013 2:09pm

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