Height of Frustration

Height of Frustration – from my log book – 2013:
1. Computer starts up with nothing other than blank screen staring at you
2. You are on an interesting call on Skype or finalising a trade in shares when suddenly link goes down
3. You are making a long transaction filling out the forms and submit to net or on a long process of booking a ticket and the link goes down – need to start all over again with no guarantee on your reservation
4. You feel very hungry and head to kitchen for snacks and suddenly remember you have to cook for the day!
5. You decide to cancel an important travel, waiting for a professional service man to arrive and complete a long pending job- He / she cancels at the last minute with a silly excuse
6. You wait over a week for a long ordered goods to arrive and with no sign of it (even if the online tracking says it will be delivered), decide to go out of the house for a day and the goods arrive (obviously get returned back!)
7. You wait eagerly for an important call and every time it rings, it is always somebody on the other line who you would last expect to hear and blabbering over the phone for over an hour
8. You finally find a way to your destination using maps, GPS and local sources and as you reach closer either the road gets diverted or so damaged you can go no further. You need to start all over again.
9. When friend or relative invites to their home and say their location is on a wide road and have plenty of parking space. When reaching there you will realise it is a single lane road barely enough for a car to travel, let alone parking!
10. You go to supermarket and spend an hour buying all the items and after billing reach out for credit card – the shop owner says “Sir power cut, we cannot process your credit card now. Please provide cash!”
Posted on Jan 06, 2014 1:30am

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