Driving Test in India

Went for Driving test other day, for permanent license. Like a true Aussie, went there at 9:30 AM while the instructor like a true Indian, showed around 11:15 AM. Test was supposed to be at 10:00 AM. Indian driving tests are entirely different from Sydney. The test are conducted in a ground (size of a cricket ground) about 1.5K away from RTA office. There is a thatched roof on a corner where the instructor stands. Prospective candidates with their two wheelers line up on the other side of the ground. There are two tyres about 30 m apart at the centre. The instructor has application forms of all the candidates. She comes in with a assistant and there are a group of Driving school instructors around her and on the field who also acts as her assistants. The assistant calls the name (no – not on mike) which is relayed by the driving instructors who line-up 10m apart to the other side of the ground – a la Tarzan style. The called candidate drives the vehicle around the two tyres in an 8 shape. Even before he or she finishes, other name is called. God save you if there are more persons of the same name. It is absolutely chaotic, but somehow it works (hope so) as I got my license.
Car testing is more fun. Just like two wheelers, cars are aligned on the other side. As your name called, you just drive on the ground towards the instructor, then reverse for a U turn and go back to the starting place. Just wondering, what happens if a candidate presses the accelerator instead of applying brake when he or she reaches the instructor spot? – Interesting!

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