Divya Desam

13 nights and 14 days – 59 Temples. Of the 106 temples (Divya Desam) that each Vaishnavite to visit during the life time, we went around the South Corridor of India in Maruti Ritz (Indian cars are the best for Indian Roads) travelling over 2700 KMs, had a very adventurous, proud happy and fulfilling journey.
The entire journey was planned using Google maps and thanks to people who had put all the Divya Desams on the map. The planning was perfect and thanks to GPS / 3G ranges in the nook and corner of India, we were able to blindly follow the directions given by Google (I even nick named it Google Mama) to reach our destination.
For once I’m proud to say India has far reach of mobile network than Australia.
Visiting all these temples and knowing the rich heritage and culture that has brought India to this day, I’m thrilled. India is no doubt the most Holy country in the world.
Posted on Nov 17, 2014 10:10pm

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