Art of Gifting

There was a TV serial about giving present on Frazier (Crane). The Crane family is a good example of mixture of oldies and the posh new generation. The younger cranes buy a very expensive gift to their dad, without realizing, he is a just simpleton (retired cop) and do not dig any expensive art gifts – which he has no taste for anyway. Most of the time he has no idea about its value and just keeps them, for the sake. His sons being Psychology Doctors with taste on arts and wine, he decides to buy them a very expensive gift in return, which he thinks is the best art. Obviously being a novice, he screws this up and the younger Cranes just bins the gifts. I saw this series a few years ago. Do not remember the time frame, but liked the moral behind it.
Diwali is approaching, soon to be followed by Christmas. Before buying the gifts to your friends and families, remember to get the appropriate one for them. (Not the ones you like). Younger generation taste is something the older generation can never guess or vice-versa. Instead of buying gifts that no one enjoys, better to check with receiver for appropriate gifts. I do know it spoils the surprise, but it is better this way, then put up with gift you never wanted – like the Techno set I bought for my daughter on her 11th birthday, which till date, she has no idea what to do. Now that she has her own daughter, I do believe she will understand this when she purchases gift for her daughter!

Posted on Oct 13, 2014 12:44pm

Remember the young days when you would eagerly wait for Deepavali, Christmas or birthdays to see what you are getting as presents? As you grow older, you would lose interest in them or just pretend you are surprised. There is an art of giving presents. I know people do lots of research on what the others like and buy them as presents. In that department, I am totally hopeless. I give presents to my children thinking they will love it, while most of the time, it is the one that I liked it! My daughter got a Brainstorm Lego which both me and my son enjoyed, while my wife got a wi-fit kit which only the children played with it.
Well out of the blue, my son decided to buy me a gift. He never told me or consulted me. But when his wife showed it to me, I was speechless. Something I will enjoy my retired life with! Come to think of it – there is no occasion for this either.
I just couldn’t thank enough for this. I am ecstatic. Thanks a great my dear son. Love you so much!
Gift: Raspberry – pi 3 kit.
Women who broke the suspense – Aarthi Suresh
Son I am gifted with: Srini Vasudevan
You people made my day!
Posted on Mar 10, 2016 8:23pm
Having been on the giving end all my years, because of being born first in the Indian family, unfortunately, never wondered what it is like receiving. Whether it is any occasion or birthday, never even gave a second thought. They always come and go, only reminded by Banks, airlines and hotels, who promptly send messages being a premier customer.
When my son out of the blue decided to gift me with pi 3 I was speechless. However I was not only overwhelmed but literally moved to tears when I was Gifted with Nexus one, the most expensive gift anyone ever gave me! One person, who knows my worthiness, my knowledge, my experience and has great respect reflected his heart with such a gift, I honestly do not know how to repay back. There is no gift I can give to him that will match his affection showered. All I can ask the Lord is, let this boy not only see next century, but also has a name for himself cut in the society, which everyone is proud of, including his parents. You will shine like a sun, Vikash Vikki
Posted on Apr 12, 2016 2:44pm
As of 11th December 2018, 12:30 PM, I still use the phone, refuse to upgrade even though the battery does not last for over a day and has c-type connector which is hard to find for charging.

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