It is very difficult to write ‘about’ article for the Blog site. If you are maintaining a professional site or company then you can write about the nature of business and what the site offers. For a blog site, neither of this applies. This is not a business site. Nothing is offered here. The only people who would browse this site is one who have plenty of time in their hands and mostly curious about the articles.

Yet here I am forced to write about this site. A post that was originally created by WordPress prompting me to fill it up, when it got installed. Strange, we just follow orders, even if it was a computer generated. Of course, I could delete this post and carry-on with my other postings. But being a cadre for perfectionist, I decided to complete this step.

This blog site is just about me (at least for now, until I can convince some gullible writers to share their views here) all about me and all my writings. Just me, me, me…  A site to boast all my writing skill (…or lack of it) and brag about my knowledge and experience (…again or the lack of it). Just because “About” is on the top menu, it had kindled your curiosity and now you are forced to read this. Well I will try to entertain you as much as possible, but at the end if you feel there is nothing here, well, then at least be satisfied that you have spent your time (wisely? – that is debatable).

Whenever you are curious there are four “W’s” that will always arise. Who, Why, What and Where. Whether you are going for an interview, or a medical consultation, or seeking legal advice, you will be faced with these four “W’s”. So let me start answering these before you raise your brows.


A retired IT consultant from India but long settled in Australia (left India in late 80’s of the last century), now consider Australia as my home and very proud of it. Before you start thinking about my financial situation, just be assured that I am a self-funded retiree and still pay my income tax


That is easy. I have nothing else to do and consider myself as web expert. So just few hours to put together a site, with initial postings from my Facebook page. Don’t go and look for my profile in Facebook. I deactivated my account, after wisely downloading my postings, for I felt Facebook is using all my personal information. (As if Google doesn’t do that, tracking me everywhere I go and constantly monitoring my spending from “Google Pay”. Well that is an evil that may not be easily disowned any sooner).


Just a blog site that talks about me. I already covered that in the initial opening. Please read that from the top again, if you have missed it.


Obviously in the website I own. I started Kamban software way back in 1994 which had internet presence as early as 1995. This website is hosted on a provider with whom I took a life-time subscription. The term “life-time” always intrigues me. What life-time are we talking about? The provider’s life-time (not sure how long this company will survive) or my life-time (I don’t have to inform them whether I am alive or dead. My off springs can still use this website isn’t it?) or the Universe life-time? If so, if the Company goes burst, will they transfer the account to other Company and carry on? Something to ponder about unless there is a clear ‘life-time’ legality.

So you got the answer you came for. Right? Generally all the items I said are superfluous. Not really depict myself. If I feel satisfied with the above writing then I am not a writer at all! Definitely I was not content with it. I have only provided what I thought was right or what I knew. But there is more to it. ‘Is it?’ you ask. Sure it is. Only issue is even I am searching for the answers. So let us sit together and brood over this.

Who, Why, What and Where am I are the questions that are being asked since the dawn of the civilisation. Every human being comes to earth, leaves his/her imprint and then goes. Question is why does he/she do that? What benefit that this offers. Also where does he/she come from and where does he/she go? Just think about it. It all seems meaningless. No purpose is solved and nothing is achieved. I am not being philosophical. Even from a scientific angle, why does all this happen? I mean the Universe, for example that starts with a big bang and then ends after a few billion years. Human life came into existence a few million years ago and will be wiped off after a few million years. Nothing is permanent. So for whose benefit these theatricals play? Who is the intended audience? I don’t think anyone can answer that.

For a theological student he or she ends all this question with a simple answer – God. Can you define God? Can you prove its existence? If God created all this for his own games, then who created Him? Does he have a beginning? Does he have an end? Numerous questions will arise that will go unanswered. Believe me, I am not an atheist, but a physics student who feels there should be an answer to all questions. True, I believe in God, without going in depth and not going into any sentiments or religious rituals. I just take it for granted that there is a Supreme Being to Him I pay my respect. That’s just about it. Nothing more – nothing less.

Many religion, preaches existence of One God. Hinduism preaches multiple Gods. What is the function of God and how He handles them is a mystery. Religious text may cover various helping hands for God. But for an Astronomer, or for a physicists managing this Universe is something that is beyond any supreme power. Universe is a perpetual engine that is coded within itself for giving birth to numerous stars, which manage within itself and then ultimately collapse itself into one singular object just to kick of the process again for another cycle. A vast incomprehensible perpetual machine that works to clock-work precision.

Both Amazon and Netflix have lots of videos on Cosmic Universe. “Cosmic Journey”, “Secrets of the Universe”, “The Dark matter”, “Journey to Black hole”, “Journey to the Universe” are to name a few. When you watch these videos you will understand the vastness of Universe. If you consider our Earth as the size of Universe, then a single grain of sand is what we can compute and understand. So it is unimaginable size we are dealing with here. Countless Galaxies, Stars and planets that has come into existence will live here in this cosmic world for a few billion years and eventually face the extinction. Not just the extinction. They just get recycled into a new world again, thus going through a never ending cycle. But it does not end there. Consider our Universe which has come from a “Big Bang”, which is widely accepted. We can even date this to 13.6 billion years. A bubble whose size has grown to 13.6 x pi = 42.726 billion light years. In lay-man’s term a space covering an area equal to the amount the light had travelled in 42.726 billion years. So that is the edge of our current Universe. What lies beyond this edge? Surprisingly another similar bubble which had gone through the same phase as ours – Big bang, expand, give rise to galaxies, stars and planets and then collapse into one huge black hole. Beyond that bubble is yet another one. Countless bubbles like ours not in hundreds or thousands or millions but in billions. Parallel Universe with a connection? Our theories either scientific or religious cannot shine any light on this. However, Hinduism strangely refers to many ‘Brhama Loks’ and many ‘Brahmas’. For non Hindu people, Brahma is a God dedicated to Creation and ‘Lok’ is a Universe (also means world, but I prefer Universe or Galaxy) he lives in. There is a definite hint on parallel Universe in Hindu philosophy.

And if you think God is managing all this, then he must exist in every “particle” from which the Universe is made of and to which every Universe will decay to. Then it is not just one God. It is a God that is within every atom, every neutrinos or particles. Hindu Philosopher or preacher if you prefer, Adi Sankara of 8th century put forth a theory called ‘Brahmam’. He said everything that you observe in this Universe is controlled by this ‘Brahmam’ and will one day unify into one. Known as ‘Advaita’ principle a singularity in nature, he had unknowingly connected the dots between philosophy and science. This ‘Brahmam’ is the code that runs in the universe which makes the Universe perpetual, working to a clock-work precision. This is God!

Physics is studying the ‘Dark Matter’ which provides the unique character to every matter. We do not understand its principle yet. When we unravel the mysteries of ‘Dark Matter’ then we will be able to work out code that runs the Universe Engine. But we will still be perplexed on why all this are there in the first place!

A simple “About” after all is not so simple to answer. I myself spend countless amount of time going through tonnes and tonnes of videos on Astronomy and hear lectures on Hinduism and read lots of books. None of these could explain my inner queries. These are deductions one will have to compute to satisfy his own curiosity. Each one will come with a different opinion and oddly they all will be right too. One thing is for sure, if humans’ curiosity is curbed at the very beginning with just the philosophy of God and not to venture further, we would still be studying scriptures and wondering what material did God use to create that bright star on the sky and will I able to find my late grandfather as a star somewhere in the horizon winking at me!